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JiraPS is a PowerShell module to interact with Atlassian JIRA via a REST API, while maintaining a consistent PowerShell look and feel.


Jira is an issuetracker from Atlassian. JiraPS is a Powershell implementation to interact with it’s API.

JiraPS can be used by any user. The Jira server will check if the authenticated user has the necessary permissions to perform the action. This allows JiraPS to be used by system administrators (eg: to create new Users), project administrators (eg: to create new Versions) and users (eg: to create or view an issue).


# Tell the module what is the server's address
Set-JiraConfigServer -Server "https://jira.server.com"

# Get the user credentials with which to authenticate
$cred = Get-Credential

# Get the date from the issue "PR-123"
Get-JiraIssue -Issue "PR-123" -Credential $cred

JiraPS uses the information provided by Set-JiraConfigServer to resolve what server to connect to. (Get-JiraConfigServer can be used to inspect what server is currently being used).

Every command which needs to authenticate with the server has a parameter -Credential. JiraPS also allows for creating a session with the server with New-JiraSession.


Finding all projects you have access to:


Get all issues in a project:

Get-JiraIssue -Query "project = CS"

See all available information of an issue:

Get-JiraIssue "CS-15" | Format-List *

The view of an issue is minimized so that a table-view is easier to read. There are a few options to get to see all the properties of an issue. Such as the example above.


  1. Creating issues from a CSV file

Given a CSV file which looks something like this:

CS,Update Server Config, The config of server "srv1" must be updated, admin
CS,Delete temporary files,, admin

Issues can be created for each for the entries above with JiraPS like this:

Import-CSV "./data.csv" | Foreach { New-JiraIssue -Project $_.project -Summary $_.summary -Description $_.description -Assignee $_.assignee }
  1. Set the “fixVersions” of multiple issues at once
# Get all versions from the project
$version = Get-JiraVersion -Project TV |
    # Filter by part of the name
    Where {$_.Name -like "1.3"}

# Get all issues we need
Get-JiraIssue -Query 'project = TV AND label = "ReadyForRelease' |
    # Update each issue
    Set-JiraIssue -FixVersion $version.Name


This project is run by the volunteer organization AtlassianPS. We are always interested in hearing from new users! Find us on GitHub or Slack, and let us know what you think.


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