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This code is not yet fully implemented. Any help (including bug reporting) is appreciated.

BitbucketPS is a Windows PowerShell module to interact with Atlassian Bitbucket via a REST API, while maintaining a consistent PowerShell look and feel.

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Getting Started

Before using BitbucketPS, you’ll need to define your Bitbucket server URL. You will only need to do this once:

Set-ConfigServer ""

To use BitbucketPS:

Import-Module BitbucketPS
New-BitBucketSession -Credential (Get-Credential YourUserName)


Want to contribute to AtlassianPS? Great! We appreciate everyone who invests their time to make our modules the best they can be.

Check out our guidelines on Contributing to our modules and documentation.


Feel free to comment on this project here on GitHub using the issues or discussion pages. You can also check out my blog or catch me on reddit.

Note: As with all community PowerShell modules and code, you use BitbucketPS at your own risk. I am not responsible if your bitbucket instance causes a fire in your datacenter (literal or otherwise).


Hopefully this is obvious, but:

This is an open source project (under the MIT license), and all contributors are volunteers. All commands are executed at your own risk. Please have good backups before you start, because you can delete a lot of stuff if you’re not careful.