JiraPS v2.9

We have just uploaded a new version of the JiraPS module to the Gallery and to GitHub.


This release brings new functionality, improvements and bug fixes that has been submitted by our contributors.



  • Parameter for selecting what fields to return the the issue’s payload (#300, @tuxgoose)
  • Added pipeline support to New-JiraIssue (#312, @ctolan)
  • Added parameter to avoid notifying user when running Set-JiraIssue (#315, @alexsuslin)
  • Improved documentation to demonstrate how to authenticate with 2FA (#313, @lipkau)
  • Added function to download attachments from issue: Get-JiraIssueAttachmentFile (#323, @lipkau)


  • Fixed the way a user is resolved in Remove-JiraGroupMember (#301, @lipkau)
  • Improved the resolving of server responses with an error (#303, @lipkau)
  • Fixed payload of New-JiraFilter (#304, @lipkau)
  • Fixed paging when server responds with only 1 result (#307, @lipkau)
  • Fixed Set-JiraIssue to allow to unassigned an issue (#309, @lipkau)
  • Changed CI/CD pipeline from AppVeyor to Azure DevOps (#317, @lipkau)
  • Fixed missing properties on Get-JiraUser (#321, @lipkau)
  • Fixed -DateStarted on Add-JiraIssueWorklog (#324, @lipkau)

Full list of issues can be found in Milestone v2.9.

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