JiraPS v2.8

We have just uploaded a new version of the JiraPS module to the Gallery and to GitHub.


This release brings new functionality, improvements and bug fixes that has been submitted by our contributors.



  • Added support for paginated response from API server by means of -Paging (#291, [@lipkau[]])
    • moved default values to JiraPS.psm1 so that they could be changed from outside of the module
      in preparation for using Configuration
    • added logic for Command parameters > Global defaults > module defaults
    • huge improvement to Unit Tests for Invoke-JiraMethod
    • improved how HTTP responses > 399 are handled (Resolve-ErrorWebResponse)
    • added .EXTERNALHELP to all functions (needed for Powershell v3)
    • updated all functions which can use paging so that they use the new -Paging functionality
      • Get-JiraGroupMember
      • Get-JiraIssue -Query
      • Get-JiraIssue -Filter
      • Get-JiraIssueComment
      • Get-JiraVersion
        • added -Sort to influence the sorting of the results
    • added default PageSize
    • marked parameters which duplicate [SupportsPaging] parameter as deprecated. These are:
      • Get-JiraGroupMember -StartIndex
      • Get-JiraGroupMember -MaxResults
      • Get-JiraIssue -StartIndex
      • Get-JiraIssue -MaxResults
    • added -Headers logic to New-JiraSession
  • Updated Pester to version 4.3.1 (#289, [@lipkau[]])
  • Added full set of functions to manage Filter Permissions (#289, [@lipkau[]])
    • introduced a new Object [JiraPS.FilterPermission]
    • added property FilterPermissions to [JiraPS.Filter] which is the list of [JiraPS.FilterPermission] of this Filter
    • introduced a new Object [JiraPS.ProjectRole]
    • added Add-JiraFilterPermission
    • added Get-JiraFilterPermission
    • added Remove-JiraFilterPermission
  • Added -Id parameter to Remove-JiraFilter (#288, [@lipkau[]])
    • by adding -Id parameter (which accepts a value by pipeline), this function can now
      be used in scenarios like Get-Content "listOfFilter.txt | Remover-JiraFilter
  • Changed logic of Get-JiraUser to return multiple results for a search (#272, [@lipkau[]])
    • Get-JiraUser was hard-coded to return only one result, while the API can return multiple results
    • added parameter (-MaxResults, -Skip) to influence the results of the API
    • API has a limitation of 1000 items in response
  • Added posts for homepage to the module’s repository (#268, [@lipkau[]])
    • by maintaining the posts of the homepage in the module’s repository, the new version of the
      module can be deployed without manual changes to the homepage (thanks to #259 mentioned bellow)
  • Improved handling of Credentials (#271, [@lipkau[]])
    • added an empty [Credential] object as default value
    • -Credential "Username" now uses the [String] as value for the Username in the Credentials dialog
    • this change is important for Powershell v3 compatibility
  • Added missing interactions with Filters (#266, [@lipkau[]])
    • added -Favorite to Get-JiraFilter, which lists all Filters marked as favorite by the user
    • added New-JiraFilter
    • added Remove-JiraFilter
    • added Set-JiraFilter
  • Added Remove-JiraIssue (#265, [@hmmwhatsthisdo[]])
  • Improved Build script (to deploy changes to the homepage) (#259, [@lipkau[]])


  • Reverted Add-JiraIssueAttachment as JiraPS v2.7 broke it (#287, [@lipkau[]])
    • JiraPS v2.7 tried to move the logic for generating the multipart/form-data to Invoke-WebRequest
    • this is still desired, but as it broke the functionality of Add-JiraIssueAttachment,
      this was rolled-back
    • shall be fixed/re-implemented with #284
  • Fixed resolving of Remote Link (#286, [@lipkau[]])
    • function was using the wrong private function for converting the response to custom object
  • Improved error handling for ErrorDetails and non-JSON/HTML responses (#277, [@hmmwhatsthisdo[]])
  • Fully support Powershell v3 (#273, [@lipkau[]])
  • Fixed parameter used in documentation but not in code (#263, [@lipkau[]])
    • added alias -Issue to Get-JiraIssue -Key as the documentation used it
    • updated documentation to use the -Key parameter

Full list of issues can be found in Milestone v2.8.

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