JiraPS v2.7

We have just uploaded a new version of the JiraPS module to the Gallery and to GitHub.


This release brings new functionality, improvements and bug fixes that has been submitted by our contributors.

During some debugging of the CI in version 2.6, some version with incorrect numbers where published to the Powershell Gallery. Therefore this version was released earlier than anticipated to avoid those versions to adopted on a larger scale.

Further, this release brings with it a major refactoring of the build script. You can read all about it bellow.



  • Improved build script (#252, @lipkau)
    • This project now uses PSDepend to declare and fulfill it’s dependencies
    • Tagging of the repository and publishing of a github is no longer part of AppVeyor’s configuration. This was generating tags and releases before the CI could be sure it passes - it was doing so with the first job that succeeded. Not the build script makes sure only the last job of the build can perform these actions.
    • Extracted detailed and long logics into functions and removed from the script - no it’s a build.psm1 module
    • Removed conversion of .md files to html - and the dependency to pandoc with it
    • Clean-up
  • Reduced the Pester output in CI build for PR (#257, @lipkau)
  • Evaluate the Headers returned by the API for better authentication handling (#256, @lipkau)
  • Writing and throwing of errors show better context (#199, @lipkau)
  • Improved validation of parameters in Add-JiraGroupMember (#250, @WindowsAdmin92)
  • Improved casting to -Fields by defining it’s type as [PSCustomObject] (#255, @lipkau)


  • Build script was not publishing to the PSGallery (#252, @lipkau)
  • Build script was publishing a new tag to repository even in case the build failed (#252, @lipkau)
  • Fixed CI icon in README (#245, @lipkau)
  • Fixed the adding multiple labels and the removal of those in Set-JiraIssueLabel (#244, @lipkau)
  • Allow Get-JiraUser to return more than 1 result (#246, @lipkau)

Full list of issues can be found in Milestone v2.7.

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