JiraPS v2.6

We have just uploaded a new version of the JiraPS module to the Gallery and to GitHub.


This release brings new functionality, improvements and bug fixes that has been submitted by our contributors.



  • Added -Passthru parameter to Invoke-JiraIssueTransition (#239, @lipkau)
  • Added Get-JiraUser functionality to find the current user (#231, @lipkau)
  • Added full support for PowerShell Core (v6) and Linux/MacOS support (#230, @lipkau)
  • Added JiraPS documentation on the homepage (#230, @lipkau)


  • Exposed Invoke-JiraMethod as a public function (#233, @lipkau)
  • Migrated to External Help (instead of Comment-Based Help) (#230, @lipkau)


  • Index Into Null Object (#209, @lipkau)
  • Fix empty header (#206, @lipkau)
  • Bad Body (#224, @lipkau)
  • Add Labels to array (#226, @lipkau)
  • Fix removing labels with Set-JiraIssueLabel -Remove (#244, [lipkau][])
  • Fix adding of multiple labels at once with Set-JiraIssueLabel -Add (#244, [lipkau][])

Full list of issues can be found in Milestone v2.6.

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