JiraPS v2.5

We have just uploaded a new version of the JiraPS module to the Gallery and to GitHub.


This release does not contain new features, but is an important step towards harmonizing the code across all the functions and with other AtlassianPS modules.

The full list of bugs and under the hood improvements is listed in the changelog.

One change that will make debugging a lot easier are the changes to -debug and -verbose across all of the functions. Here you can see some how they changed:

  v2.4 v2.5
-verbose Old Verbose Messages New Verbose Messages
-debug Old Debug Messages New Debug Messages



  • Harmonized code style (#162, @lipkau)
  • Harmonized verbose messages (#162, @lipkau)
  • Harmonized debug messages (#162, @lipkau)
  • Improved debug behavior (#162, @lipkau)
  • Update of VS code config to reflect code styling (#162, @lipkau)
  • Few improvements in test cases (#162, @lipkau)
  • Added parameter validation (#162, @lipkau)
  • Updated manifest (#162, @lipkau)
  • Minor preparations for pwsh support (#162, @lipkau)
  • Execute Tests against ./Release (#162, @lipkau)
  • Removed unused $ConfigFile variable (#219, @lipkau)
  • Invoke-JiraMethod now sets the TLS to 1.2 before every call (#84, @lipkau)
  • Fixed date and timespan representation in Body of Add-JiraIssueWorklog (#214, @lipkau)
  • Improved output of Get-JiraProject (#216, @lipkau)

Full list of issues can be found in Milestone v2.5.

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