JiraPS v2.1.0

We have just uploaded a new version of the JiraPS module to the Gallery and to GitHub.


This release brings a lot of new functionality, improvements and bug fixes that has been submitted by our contributors. Including:

  • Managing RemoteLinks
  • Managing IssueLinks
  • Managing Watchers
  • Adding Worklogs
  • and much more (listed below)

We highly recommend updating, as this release contains really great stuff.



  • Get-JiraIssueEditMetadata: Returns metadata required to create an issue in JIRA (#65, @lipkau)
  • Get-JiraRemoteLink: Returns a remote link from a JIRA issue (#80, @lipkau)
  • Remove-JiraRemoteLink: Removes a remote link from a JIRA issue (#80, @lipkau)
  • Get-JiraComponent: Returns a Component from JIRA (#68, @axxelG)
  • Add-JiraIssueWorklog: Add worklog items to an issue (#83, @jkknorr)
  • Added support for getting and managing Issue Watchers (Add-JiraIssueWatcher, Get-JiraIssueWatcher, Remove-JiraIssueWatcher) (#73, @ebekker)
  • Added IssueLink functionality (Add-JiraIssueLink, Get-JiraIssueLink, Get-JiraIssueLinkType, Remove-JiraIssueLink) (#131, @lipkau)


  • New-JiraIssue: Description and Priority are no longer mandatory (#53, @brianbunke)
  • Added property Components to PSJira.Project (#68, @axxelG)
  • Invoke-JiraIssueTransition: add support for parameters Fields, Comment and Assignee (#38, @padgers)
  • New-JiraIssue: support parameter FixVersion (#103, @Dejulia489)
  • Set-JiraIssue: support parameter FixVersion (#103, @Dejulia489)
  • Respect the global $PSDefaultParameterValues inside the module (#110, @lipkau)
  • New-JiraSession: Display warning when login needs CAPTCHA (#111, @lipkau)
  • Switched to Basic Authentication when generating the session (#116, @lipkau)
  • Added more tests for the CI (#142, @lipkau)


  • Invoke-JiraMethod: Error when Invoke-WebRequest returns ‘204 No content’ (#42, @colhal)
  • Invoke-JiraIssueTransition: Error when Invoke-WebRequest returns ‘204 No content’ (#43, @colhal)
  • Set-JiraIssueLabel: Forced label property to be an array (#88, @kittholland)
  • Invoke-JiraMethod: Send ContentType as Parameter instead of in the Header (#121, @lukhase)
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