ConfluencePS v2.4

We have just published a new major version of the ConfluencePS module to the Gallery and to GitHub!


This release brings new functionality, improvements and bug fixes that has been submitted by our contributors.

Details are listed below



  • Added -Vertical to ConvertTo-Table (#148, @brianbunke)
  • Added support for TLS1.2 (#155, @lipkau)


  • Changed productive module files to be compiled into single .psm1 file (#133, @lipkau)
  • Fixed ConvertTo-Table for empty cells (#144, @FelixMelchert)
  • Changed CI/CD pipeline from AppVeyor to Azure DevOps (#150, @lipkau)
  • Fixed trailing slash in ApiURi parameter (#153, @lipkau)

Full list of issues can be found in Milestone v2.4.

ConfluencePS, Release