ConfluencePS v2.3

We have just published a new major version of the ConfluencePS module to the Gallery and to GitHub!


This release brings new functionality, improvements and bug fixes that has been submitted by our contributors.

Details are listed below



  • Added custom object type for Attachments: ConfluencePS.Attachment (#123, @JohnAdders)
  • Added Add-Attachment: upload a file to a page (#123, @JohnAdders)
  • Added Get-Attachment: list all attachments of a page (#123, @JohnAdders)
  • Added Get-AttachmentFile: download an attachment to the local disc (#123, @JohnAdders)
  • Added Remove-Attachment: remove an attachment from a page (#123, @JohnAdders)
  • Added Set-Attachment: update an attachment of a page (#123, @JohnAdders)
  • Made Invoke-Method public (#130, @lipkau)
  • Added -InFile to Invoke-Method for uploading of files with form-data (#130, @lipkau)


  • Moved Online Help of cmdlets to the homepage (#130, @lipkau)
  • Updated help for contributing to the project (#130, @lipkau)
  • Documentation for the custom classes of the module (#107, @lipkau)
  • Added full support for PowerShell Core (pwsh) (#119, @lipkau)
  • Added AppVeyor tests on PowerShell v6 (Linux) (#119, @lipkau)
  • Added AppVeyor tests on PowerShell v6 (Windows) (#119, @lipkau)
  • Tests now run from ./Release Path (#99, @lipkau)
  • Have the Build script to “compile” the functions into the psm1 file (enhances performance) (#119, @lipkau)
  • Have a zip file deploy as artifact of the release (#90, @lipkau)

Full list of issues can be found in Milestone v2.3.

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