A Community is Born

I am pleased to announce, that today we decided to bring AtlassianPS to life.

What it is all about

When you find yourself repeating work over and over; and find out that there is an API with which you can automate stuff, it would be smart to do so. That is exactly what brought modules like ConfluencePS and PSJira into life.

These modules have been growing rapidly lately, as more and more people find the module and want to add stuff to it that they need; but isn’t there yet. With the collaboration between the modules, it came to a point where synergies between the modules could easily been seen. That was when we decided to but everything under one roof: AtlassianPS

What now?

AtlassianPS will be the common ground between these modules. Providing them with shared resources, such as:

  • functions
  • private modules
  • moderators
  • best practices
  • style guide
  • documentation
  • tools
  • and more


The modules we have in our portfolio are:


Some changes to the existing modules had to be made:



  • The repository in which the module is developed was moved from brianbunke/ConfluencePS to AtlassianPS/ConfluencePS
  • We are debating whether to change the noun prefix of the module and make it changeable with Import-Module ConfluencePS -Prefix "Wiki" to the current value
    • if this is done, it would be a breaking change and requires a major version bump.


  • The repository in which the module is developed was moved from PSJira/PSJira to AtlassianPS/JiraPS
  • The module was renamed from PSJira to JiraPS.
    • This is a breaking change. Version 2.0 was released for this change.
    • The module PSJira on PSGallery got a new build version with a warning about the deprecation of that module.
BitbucketPS, ConfluencePS, HipchatPS, JiraPS